Tuesday, June 2, 2009


FREE Movie Rentals!

Who doesn't love movies... especially when there free!

RedBox is a big red vending type machine found at most Walgreens and Wal Mart and popping up in grocery stores all around the country. You just use a touch screen, click on a new release of your choice, swipe your credit card, and your movie slides on out! Their regular rental price is $1 per night. Not bad when you compare it to other rental locations like Blockbuster.

What we love the most about RedBox is that we hardly ever pay any money out of pocket! How is that possible you ask?!?

The first way to get free rentals is by signing up here. You will get promotional email alerts with free codes. If you add your cell phone number too, you will get a text every Monday with free codes that can be used on that day. Even better if you check out this site you can potentially get FREE movies all week long! They update there database everyday with new free RedBox codes.

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