Monday, June 15, 2009


Hefty 3.29 B1G1 Free in-store coupon
8 MQ from Smart Source at Albertsons in bag isle
Final Price .65 ea

Walgreens Sunscreen on sale 2/$5
no Q - my husband heard on tv that Walgreens Sunscreen is the #1 sunscreen lotion. So since he is in the roofing business he asked me to get some the next time they were on sale.

Right Guard on sale .99 in-store coupon
1 MQ 1/$1 from SS 4/19 or
1 MQ 2/$1 from SS 4/19
Final Price 1 free and 2/.50 ea or .33 ea whichever way u look at it.

My Walgreens has a sign that says if the cashier does not ask what the item of the month is to ask for a manager. I did and I received a free snickers which is the item of the month.

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